Daxon – Clothing Catalogue

When it comes to the top online UK catalogues Daxon is definitely one of the stores that is in the lead. They are known for selling the latest in women trends at some of the most affordable rates in the UK. However, just because they are usually associated with women do not let that fool you because they have so many other things to offer such as menswear, shoes, home and gardening supplies and loads of other items. All of the items are of the highest quality that you could imagine for an affordable price. But, one thing to keep in mind is from the looks of it not to many of their customers seem to be unhappy.

Daxon is one of the relatives of Red Cats. For those who do not know Red Cats happens to be one of the largest shopping organizations in the world – 3rd to be exact. They are not specific about when they came into business on their website or really say too much of anything about their company on their “About Us” page but with a little research one is sure to run across something that gives more formal information about this company.

You have multiple ways to contact them, as you do with many other UK catalogues. However, it should be known that if you contact them by phone a fee may imposed of 10p a minutes so if you do have to call and pay a fee it may be best to try and keep the conversation as brief as possible. Obviously, there is the option of sending them an letter if you are in no rush yet this would not be an instant answer to some of the questions that you may have about their company or products that may arise suddenly.