Boden – Buy Now Pay Later Catalogue

Boden is one of the UK’s catalogues that has quite a selection of products to offer. They basically have clothes for both children and adults. Not to mention the fact that ever season they have a collection released to insure that their customers are up to date with the latest threads. Many families like shopping here because they sell women, infants, toddlers, kids, and even men’s clothing. So, this is one of the catalogues that can be considered a one stop shop when it comes to clothes anyways. Not to mention the fact that their prices are also very competitive as well.

From the time this company began it seems as though they have experienced just about all of the things that business owners dread yet amazingly they are still able to stand tall. They have witnesses being robbed and even working out of only one office yet remarkable their collection and brand has expanded vastly.

When they first launched back in 1991 they simply sold men’s clothes. As a matter of fact they only had eight lines when they first started. However, by 1992 they had grown enough to be able to launch women’s clothing lines as well. Then, moving further down the timeline, by 1996 they were able to add children’s clothing lines into the mix. In 1999 they were able to launch their first UK website and even more surprisingly they were able to expand to American in 2002. Currently, they employ about 800 employees yet they seem to have everything running along rather smoothly.

They can be contacted multiple ways and customers have raved about their customer service reps friendly questions and fast assistance which puts them a step ahead of some of the other UK catalogues in which they are in competition with.